About Me

Welcome to Top Sous Vide!

My name is Mark and as you can see from my blog, I love sous vide!

I work in the creative industry and found a lot of time on my hands that resulted in me falling into sous vide. There’s a saying in the industry – Hurry up and Wait.

All the waiting time led to me wondering about how to eat healthier, allow for low maintenance cooking and cleaning. That’s when I found sous vide a couple of years ago after seeing all the nutritional benefits that come from sous vide. And then there’s also the super-easy cleanup that I love because it’s just a bag and water. Low-temp cooking is easy and will take a while to cook things, but well worth the wait.

Since friends asked many questions about sous vide equipment, I wanted to start this blog last year to help record my findings to share with them and the world. I know that it takes a lot of time to do research (I’ve done it), so I hope to provide a good resource for all of you out there.

I hope you enjoy sous vide cooking!