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The Top Sous Vide Team is an experienced team of individuals that consist of both trained chefs and at home chefs. Our team of writers has extensive knowledge both in sous vide cooking as well as general cooking skills, learned at culinary schools, working in restaurants, and at home.

Our goal is to make sous vide cooking easy and accessible to you! We hope you stick around and get to know us. We’re so glad you’re here.

Rishi is an avid home chef and the owner-operator of Top Sous Vide. He’s been cooking sous vide for over 7 years and loves experimenting with new foods. Whether it’s a simple family dinner for his wife and 3 kids or an elaborate meal for a group of friends, his food is always a crowd pleaser!

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David Lewis is an avid home chef, and frequently uses sous vide as a time-saver when feeding his family of 4. When he’s not chronicling his culinary adventures here or on Kitchen Ambition, you’ll find him tending the hops in his beer garden or delivering small-batch home roasted coffee in his neighborhood.

Freya Drake is a classically trained chef with 20 years back-of-house experience. She’s a graduate of Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, and a vet of well-known Portland restaurants like Bluehour, Castagna, and Pambiche. She is the resident pastry expert at Kitchen Ambition, and a contributing writer for Top Sous Vide.


Jasmine Mattey is a culinary author and regular contributor at Top Sous Vide. She graduated at the top of her class from culinary school, and quickly realized that she loves teaching the simple principles that shape the culinary universe more than slinging orders during dinner rush. Today she pursues her passion for food with a pen in hand. Jasmine is also a culinary expert at Kitchen Ambition, where she reviews kitchen products and teaches home cooking basics.

Jordan Quidachay is a classically trained chef who spent more than a decade working in top kitchens across Denver and New York. That includes time at 2 Michelin starred Aska, and as a sous chef at the Aviary. Today he owns a private chef company, and writes based on his experiences with both molecular and sous vide cooking. He’s a regular contributor at Top Sous Vide, as a culinary expert with Kitchen Ambition.

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Savini Gauri is a trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America, and a culinary expert at Kitchen Ambition. She has a passion for dietary restrictive cooking and alternative cuisine. Savini loves to work with simple ingredients with an aim to make cooking and baking an accessible skill for everyone. Her life’s goal is to taste and try as many global cuisines as possible.