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What Are Party Wings?

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With a name like party wings, they must be fun! Right? But what exactly party wings?

As the name would suggest, these are the parts of a wing most enjoyed at gatherings and parties, or for that matter in solitude. You see, a chicken wing has three parts to it: a drumette, a flat (aka wingette) and the wing tip.

A chicken wing cut into 3 parts. The wing, drum and wing tip.

You’re probably most familiar with the first two because, well, they’re invited to the party. These are the parts you’ve consumed mountains of in your helpings of buffalo chicken wings, whether you like them with buffalo sauce, dry rubbed or any other way.

Party wings are simply packages of drumettes and flats from chicken wings. That is, they’re the chicken wings, separated into their individual parts, minus the wing tips.

The wing tip stays home because it contains very little meat. Wing tips are better suited for making stock, schmaltz and the like as they are collagen rich.

At the end you have a bag of wings ready to party, whether fresh or frozen. Now for the real question: are you team drumette or team flat?

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