8 Best Sous Vide Apps For Great Food

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Smartphones and other mobile devices are great for taking pictures, but they’re not always the best way to capture a recipe. If you want to take your cooking skills up a notch, consider investing in one of these sous vide apps that will help make sure every bite is perfect. 

Best Sous Vide Apps To Help You Cook

The following mobile apps will help users with sous vide cooking for great meals. 

1. ChefSteps Breville Joule App

Breville, a leading kitchen appliance company, sells the Joule, a top-of-the-line sous vide immersion circulator.

Before Breville bought ChefSteps, the original manufacturer of Joule, ChefSteps developed an app to control the Joule.

While not all sous vide containers are operated by software-only either. The Joule app does though and it also offers other valuable features such as a vast recipe library and cooking tutorial videos.

It is among the most popular apps to accompany sous vide machines.

The app is available at the ChefSteps site and in the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

2. Anova Culinary App (Free)

Home cuisine industry leader Anova Culinary sells the popular Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker and Anova Precision Oven. What they also have is the Anova App, one of the most popular sous vide apps around.

The Anova makes available 1,000 recipes and accommodates beginner home chefs and professional sous vide cooks. The recipes are easy to read and follow.

The app is available on the Anova website, and in the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

3. SousVide Unlimited App

The SousVide Unlimited App from Cuisinart allows users to create custom menus using preprogrammed settings or user defined variables. 

There are over 2300 names for cuts of meat, fish, vegetables and with suggested times and temperatures for different doneness levels. 

It’s easy to use. First, you pick the type of meat or vegetable. Next, you select the cut and doneness. Then the app will give you the temperature and time for how to cook the food. 

The entries in the app have all been tested by Danish sous vide cooks, so they’ve all been confirmed to be good. 

Currently in English and Danish, but more languages are coming. 

The app is available in the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

4. Nomiku Tender

Nomiku developed the app Tender for sous vide recipes. The company manufactures the Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Immersion Circulator 1100 watts, which is controlled by the app.

The app enables you to find and share sous vide recipes with a community of other sous vide cooks. Visitors can stay up-to-date with chefs to follow what they are cooking.

The company itself claims that the recipes are formatted as such that they are simple and convenient to use and share.

Tender also connects with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

5. Gourmia Sous Vide (Free)

Gourmia provides a variety of electronic appliances, including sous vide units.The company sells the Gourmia GSV138, the Gourmia GSV130 and the Gourmia GSV150 immersion circulators and Gourmia GSV900 sous vide water oven.

The app does not focus only on sous vide cooking. As a result, it features less sous vide instructions, recipes, guides or tips and tricks than its competitors.

The app is available on Gourmia’s website and in the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

6. Sansaire (Free)

Sansaire makes the Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator (1,100 watts).

The Sansaire app instructs us on the correct times and temperatures for sous vide cooking.

It features an array of recipes, from the easiest to the hardest, especially for those who want to take their cuisine to the next level.

The app is available on Sansaire’s site and in the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

7. Great British Chefs App (Free)

Unlike its rivals, the Great British Chefs app is not tied to any manufacturer or any behemoth in the sous vide machine space.

However, its software presents 12 chefs and their three full menus with five courses each.

The program offers 180 recipes, though not all accommodate sous vide cuisine. The recipes include photos, ingredient lists, cooking times, equipment, wine references and cooking techniques.

The app can be accessed on iPad, iPhone, Windows and Windows Phone.

8. Great Italian Chefs App (Free)

The Great Italian Chefs app presents 26 chef’s recipes drawn from the cuisine of several regions of Italy.

Additionally, there are a total of 100 recipes, though not all sous vide, accompanied by photos, ingredient lists, techniques and tips and tricks from their chefs.

The images are very inviting and compel users to cook the recipes.

The app can be accessed for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Windows Phone.