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9 Best Sous Vide Accessories

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Sous vide cooking continues to grow in popularity as a nearly effortless and delicious way to cook food. As the sous vide method grows in prevalence, the market for sous vide related equipment also continues to expand.

From sous vide weights to vacuum seal bags, the available selection of sous vide accessories can be overwhelming.

Based on our significant experience in the test kitchen, below we guide you to the best sous vide accessories that can appreciably improve your cooking process and results.

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9 Best Sous Vide Accessories

1. Vacuum Sealer

vacuum sealing bag of carrots

Properly sealing a bag devoid of air will make or break the entire sous vide process. Vacuum sealers eliminate the associated risk by removing all air from the sous vide bag and assuredly sealing it to keep water out. This ensures the food will cook evenly and safely.

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine is the model we use. The sealing process is quick, simple and reliable. The machine automatically detects and is capable of sealing both dry and wet foods, so sealing something like meat in a marinate is not an issue.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine and Express Vacuum Seal Bag Maker with Sealer Bags and Roll and Hendheld Vacuum Sealer for Airtight Food Storage and Sous Vide, Black
$229.98 $169.99
  • Save more, waste less: Meat preserved with the foodsaver system in the freezer can last up to 3 years and still taste fresh, flavorful, and freezer-burn free. Prep-ahead meals, leftovers, and produce...
  • Express bag maker: The express bag maker reduces bag making steps by 50% compared to foodsaver V4000 models, thanks to a unique second heat-sealing bar to automatically prep the next bag
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/19/2024 10:54 am GMT

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Bags are great because not only are they reliable, but the rolls are designed to be custom cut to the size of the food you are sealing.

The machine comes with a limited 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind. 

The best part of a vacuum sealer is its functionality goes well beyond sous vide and will no doubt save you money over time. Think leftovers or buying steak, pork, chicken, etc. in bulk and vacuum sealing; Vacuum sealed foods last up to 5 times longer without any freezer burn.

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2. Sous Vide Container

The biggest advantages of using a sous vide container over something like a stock pot is (1) the ability to see your food while it’s being cooked (and therefore easily being able to spot mishaps), and (2) the fact that proper sous vide containers transmit far less heat, which leads to far more efficient cooking. 

A proper sous vide container needs to be durable, correctly sized, and able to handle high temperatures. The LIPAVI C20 Sous Vide Container easily checks all of those boxes. LIPAVI’s containers can handle water temperatures up to 210 Fahrenheit (well beyond what you’ll need to sous vide) and is made from strong and durable polycarbonate material.

LIPAVI C20 (26 qt) Sous Vide Container
  • Tailored lids available for : Anova Precision, Anova One, Nomiku, Sansaire, ChefSteps Joule, PolyScience Creative, Wancle, Garmercy, Gourmia, Instant Pot and many more!
  • Perfect Match with Lipavi L20 Sous Vide Rack - gives extended capacity and even warming
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The container can also be purchased with a lid that’s perfectly tailored to fit popular sous vide cookers, including the popular Anova models and Joule models mentioned below.

The LIPAVI sous vide container is available in four different sizes, but I recommend opting for the large, 26 quarts size. This ensures you have plenty of room to cook almost any recipe.

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3. Searing Accessories

The secret to producing mouthwateringly crispy sous vide recipes is the Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Trigger Start Torch. The sous vide method produces tender food that’s perfectly cooked internally.

However, searing is the critical extra step that will take your sous vide food to the next level. This torch makes searing an absolute breeze with its instant trigger and high heat output.

The torch also includes tons of adjustable controls and a lock button for full safety and control. Added bonus, there’s little to no clean-up associated with a torch sear. 

Best Overall
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Pair the TS8000 with a Searzall Torch Accessory to give you an even better, more even sear. The Searzall gives you an evenly spread flame, while minimizing any of the propane gas taste you might get from kitchen torches. 

You can read our full review of the TS8000 and Searzall here:

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03/18/2024 11:36 pm GMT

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If you prefer not to have a mini flame thrower under your roof, an oversized searing skillet should be part of your kitchen arsenal to accommodate larger cuts of meat.

Lodge makes a great and affordable cast iron skillet. The heat retention of cast iron will go a long way in pan searing, which is the most common and versatile form of searing food sous vide.

Lodge L14SK3 15-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet
  • YOUR NEW GO-TO PAN: Lodge cast iron cookware is the perfect kitchen tool for beginners, home cooks and chefs. Cast iron can handle any kitchen cooktop, oven, grill and open flame. Crafted in America...
  • SEASONED COOKWARE: Seasoning is simply oil baked into the iron, giving it a natural, easy-release finish and helps prevent your pan from rusting. Lodge pre-seasons all cast iron cookware with 100%...
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03/19/2024 01:10 pm GMT

Read this if you have a sticky cast iron you need help fixing.

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4. Sous Vide Rack

If you plan on using the sous vide to prepare a meal for a party full of people of a table or more, then the EVERIE Weighted Sous Vide Rack Divider is exactly what you need. The rack fits snugly in a container and allows you to cook multiple items easily and evenly.

Unlike other dividers, the EVERIE divider is a vertical mount with built in clamps between each section for stability. EVERIE’s model also includes five dividers that are detachable, so you can customize it for each meal.

EVERIE Weighted Sous Vide Rack Divider, Improved Vertical Mount Stops Wobbling, 5 Detachable Stainless Steel Dividers and 2 Built-in Holder Dividers
  • No More Wobbly Dividers - Vertical mount of the dividers stop any horizontal vibration. Includes 7 dividers - 5 are removable and 2 are built-in as holder.
  • Best Mount in the market - Designed with vertical slot to hold divides' feet firmly, dividers no longer wobbles. W8.1"xD6.3"xH6.5", 710g/1.5lbs
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03/19/2024 01:00 pm GMT

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5. Weights & Magnets

Sous vide is a wonderfully easy way of cooking your food, as long as the bags stay fully submerged in the water. Lighter items, such as vegetables, are difficult to keep submerged.

The SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights, though, are an easy solution. The weights are food safe and fit directly into the sous vide bags to effortlessly weigh the bag down. The weights are also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights | Reduce Food Risk | Keep Bags Submerged | Better Performance vs Sous Vide Racks (3 Pack)
  • The biggest cause of FOOD RISK in sous vide cooking is undercooked food and floating bags are the biggest cause of undercooked food. Our weights which go inside your sous vide bags REDUCE FOOD RISK by...
  • Better solution than a Sous Vide Rack. Our weights work with ANY container, can be used to fit a lot more food bags into your container, easier to store, easier to clean AND CHEAPER.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Magnets are also a good option to use in a similar capacity. The use cases can be a little broader than weights as they can also simply replace the clothespin or binder clip you’re using to keep bags in place.

Unlike weights, magnets do no need to be placed inside the bag, which assures food safety and easy clean-up. We like the KORE Sous Vide Weighted Magnets for their added heft relative to competitors.

KORE Sous Vide Weighted Magnets | Stainless Steel & Food Grade Silicone | Keep Food Bags Fully Submerged & Prevent Floating Bags | Heavier & Better than Clips, Racks and Other Sous Vide Ac...
  • ✓ HIGH QUALITY SILICONE & POWERFUL HEAVY IRON CORE – Premium silicone covered magnets ensures that weights can be used both outside and inside of the sous vide bags. While we recommend using...
  • ✓ FOOD SAFE MAGNET – Can be used OUTSIDE of the sous vide bag so that the weights never directly touches the food. Superior to other sous vide weights as you’ll never have to worry about the...
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6. Ping Pong Balls

Ping pong balls may seem like an odd sous vide accessory, but trust me that they make all of the difference on long cooks if you don’t have a lid to your container.

Ping pong balls reduce the evaporation of the water bath and provide some heat insulation. This means you’ll be less preoccupied monitoring the water level while you sous vide.

BPA free ping pong balls are definitely a small but mighty accessory. We find Locisne Sous Vide Cooking Balls to be a great option.

Locisne Sous Vide Cooking Balls BPA Free 20mm 250 Balls with Mesh Drying Bag, Reduces Heat Loss & Water Evaporation
  • Food grade materrial: BPA free, made of Food material polyethylene. Reusable and can be used for sous vide cooking. Lower energy loss during cooking. Provide more convenient cooking for your family.
  • No more middle of the night water level alarms: Sous vide balls are able to minimize the effect of heat loss and water evaporation, allow you cook water for hours on end without ever having to re-fill. Due to the surface exposure between the water and air, water hardly evaporates during the cooking process.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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7. Silicone Gloves

Never underestimate the power of a good set of gloves in the kitchen. Though sous vide cooks low and slow, you’ll need to handle wet items too hot for bare hands.

The GEEKHOM Heat Resistant Gloves are perfect for sous vide because they’re both waterproof and heat resistant up to an impressive 446 degrees Fahrenheit. These gloves are also very thick and comfortable with a non-slip design, so you can confidently handle any sous vide needs.

Furthermore GEEKHOM provides a best in class 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, making the buy basically risk-less free.

GEEKHOM BBQ Gloves, Grilling Gloves Heat Resistant Oven Gloves, Kitchen Silicone Oven Mitts, Long Waterproof Non-Slip Pot Holder for Barbecue, Cooking, Baking (Black)
$19.99 ($10.00 / Count)
  • EXCELLENT HEAT RESISTANCE. The oven mitts is made of BPA Free silicone, heat-resistant from -104℉to 446℉. Environmentally Friendly, security and durable.
  • DUAL-LAYER DESIGN: This BBQ gloves is designed with an outer silicone glove and inner heat-resistant cotton layer, comfortable and moisture wicking, maximize your heat protection from grill and oven...
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/19/2024 01:05 pm GMT

8. Silicone Trivets

The Walfos Silicone Trivets are handy during sous vide cooking. Despite being a low temperature cooking method, you’ll want to protect your countertop from the heat and abrasions the rather heavy container of water can cause.

Walfos’ product doubles as a trivet and pot holder, providing protection to not only your counter top, but also your hands when you go to dump that hot container of water.

It’s constructed of silicone material, which is very lightweight and easy to clean. They’re a great accessory to have in the kitchen that will prove useful beyond sous vide cooking.

Walfos Silicone Trivets for Hot Pots and Pans - 446°F Heat Resistant Hot Pads for Kitchen Counter- 4 Pcs Multi-Purpose & Versatile Trivet Mat - Durable & Flexible Silicone Hot Pad(Black)
  • ★ HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE, LIGHTWEIGHT & FUN COLORS - Walfos trivets for hot dishes are made of food grade silicone, BPA-Free, won't absorb odor, stain, rust, crack or chip. Vivid shades of color that...
  • ★ HEAT RESISTANT UP TO 446°F - Walfos large trivets for quartz countertops are heat resistant up to 446°F, Raised wide ridges will separates the hot pot from the table, protect your kitchen...
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/19/2024 01:19 pm GMT

9. Sous Vide Machine

Less so an accessory, a sous vide machine (aka immersion circulator) is the crucial component to cooking the sous vide method. Thus, it’s important to ensure you have a high-quality one that accurately reads and regulates water temperature.

The most popular, and deservedly so, immersion circulators are the Anova Precision Cooker series and the Breville Joule Sous Vide Cooker

On Sale
Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker 2.0 (WiFi), 1000 Watts
  • Perfect results every time: Never over or under cook your food again. The Anova Precision Cooker circulates water at the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals, no matter what’s on your menu. Use the Anova app to access thousands of free recipes and monitor your cook from anywhere via your smartphone.Power 1100 Watts.Power 1100 Watts
  • What to cook: Sous vide (pronounced “sue-veed”) cooking offers the perfect level of doneness for nearly any food. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork and more are all ideal foods for sous vide. The ability to lock in flavor and moisture during the cooking process results in texture and taste that is second to none.

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Breville Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel, CS10001
  • Smallest, sleekest sous vide tool available at just 11 inches tall and 1.3 pounds, with streamlined white body and solid stainless steel cap & base.
  • Saves space: Half the size of other sous vide machines, it's small enough to slip into a top drawer.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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Final Thoughts

Though the only necessity in order to sous vide is a sous vide cooker, there are several accessories worth considering. These accessories will further your ability to consistently cook any delicious sous vide recipe you desire, while taking some pressure off your effort.

The two items I’d strongly suggest are a vacuum sealer and a cast iron skillet if you don’t already have one. Fortunately, both of these items can be used for much more than just sous vide.

Sous Vide Cooking Accessory FAQs

What accessories do you need with a sous vide?

While a sous vide machine is all you need to sous vide, a vacuum sealer goes well beyond a nice-to-have. A cast-iron pan falls in the same category if you don’t already have one. Other notable accessories worth serious consideration are a sous vide container and a searing torch. Nice to haves include silicone gloves, sous vide weights or magnets, BPA free ping pong balls, a sous vide rack and trivets.

Are vacuum seal bags good for sous vide?

Food grade vacuum seal bags are ideal for sous vide because they foolproof removing air and tightly sealing.

Do chefs use sous vide?

Sous vide is very popular among chefs at both top-quality restaurants and chains like Chipotle.

Sous Vide Recipes

Hungry to cook something with your sous vide? Check out these sous vide recipes:


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